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Jerusalem of gold  
It is not an easy task to capture the special energy that is felt in Jerusalem. This is the reason Avinoam Shemesh chose to perpetuate the city in a series of spectacular panoramic pictures. These pictures induce an overwhelming sence of reality and are recommended as a unique, original gift.
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Jaffa gate and Tower of David
A unique panorama showing Jaffa gate and the Tower of David at twilight.
Photograph: Avinoam Shemesh

Sunset over Jerusalem
A fine detailed panorama, showing old Juresalem at sunset.
Photograph: Avinoam Shemesh

 Jerusalem of Light
Panoramic view of Temple Mount and the old city walls. An outstanding picture.
Photograph: Avinoam Shemesh

Mishkenot Shananim
Panorama of the view of the old city walls as seen from the peaceful neighborhood of 'Mishkenot shananim'.
Photograph: Avinoam Shemesh

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