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The Artli gallery presents changing exhibitions of artists and a permanent exhibition of changing photographs of Avinoam Shemesh the in-house photographer. The pictures presented in the gallery include a wide variety of subjects. Scenic photographs, historical sites, artistic creations, Judaica and more. The gallery offers a variety of Jewish orientated photographs, Judaica art, photographs of holy burial sites throughout the world and photographs of Rabbis thereby meeting the unique taste of the Torah & Mizvot community.

No immodest photographs are displayed in the gallery or those that may insult the sensitivity of religious or ultra-orthodox clients.

We possess a plotter (wide format printer), with which we print on canvas (authentic not synthetic), parchment and quality fabric. Through the gallery, it is possible to order prints of various artists on canvas (GICLEE), or print pictures that were photographed or drawn on parchment (as of Torah scrolls), canvas or paper. The gallery also has a large variety of frames of your choice.


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