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The Artli Studio was established in Beit Shemesh by Yifat Shemesh.
The studio is run by professional staff well experienced in the field.
Yifat Shemesh - General Manager
Avinoam Shemesh - Cameraman with abundant experience, in charge of the photographic department & graphic designer.
Shlomo Meir - Picture Framer.

The Artli studio provides services for all avenues of advertising, from the initial stage of the idea until the final product. Production of catalogs, campaigns, product photography, graphics, site design, virtual shops and more. We run two branches. The main branch, Hamasger St. 20 Beit Shemesh, photographic studio, graphics, site design and a large gallery. Possibility of reproductions and prints on canvas and parchments on the spot. The Jerusalem branch serves as a gallery exhibiting a variety of unique works.
Our guiding principles are based on our aspiration to reach the highest professional level. This is evident in all fields beginning from the professional standard of the staff, through the sophisticated equipment that we use in the studio for photography and the advanced technology that we implement while designing Internet websites. This outlook has brought large international companies to choose Artli to produce catalogs and advertisements on their behalf which appear in magazines in all parts of the world.

We specialize in marketing to the orthodox and religious community. Such as the production of booklets and prospects for Rabbinical envoys with the objective of fund raising for Torah observant institutions and Jewish organisations. Amongst our clients - "HaShivenu" organisation, "Kol Yaakov" institution with the Rabbi Yehuda Ades presiding, "Torah Tmima" institution under the direction of Rabbi Mordechai Turitz, "Nizit" company who markets ritual articles and Judaica, the Beit Shemesh municipality and more... As we cannot be objective, we invite you to hear our clients' opinions.

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